Consumers of GTT’s 256K DSL service will from May 1, 2011 be paying a reduced rate for the service. The company in a letter to the Public Utilities Commission, in response to representation made on behalf of consumers, dated Tuesday April 19, 2011 advised that the fee for the service will be lowered to $7,000.00 per month down from $9,980.00 which was previously charged.


This decision resulted from representation made by members of the public with the Public Utilities Commission and the company for a reduction in the rates charged for these consumers.


Consumers who would benefit are those who are utilizing the GTT’s 256K DSL Service in areas that have not yet been upgraded to the E-magine Service.


The Commission wishes to remind consumers that we are here to assist in resolving any dispute they may have with any of the utility services providers as we continue to regulate utilities for efficiency and protect consumers’ interest. We can be contacted on telephone number 226-7042, fax 227-3534 or visit our website at or at our office, which is located at 298 Church Street, Queenstown, Georgetown.