The Public Utilities Commission has noted with concern the recent acts of vandalism against the Guyana Telephone & Telegraph Company’s telecommunications infrastructure. The target seems to be the company’s insulated copper cable which is used to provide landline services. These acts of vandalism that are seemingly becoming fashionable/prevalent result in disruption of vital services to consumers. The Commission has been receiving complaints from consumers who are affected.


Reports suggest that these acts of vandalism may be an almost daily occurrence and the PUC notes that this can cause GT&T to undergo unnecessary expenses to repair and replace the copper.


Apart from financial losses to the company, the deployment of human resources to remedy and to deal with these issues can impact negatively on other services and offerings of the company. This can potentially delay other infrastructural works of the company—works which may be beneficial to the community as a whole.


The Commission calls on those who may be vandalizing these cables to act responsibly, and desist from this practice. Furthermore, consumers are advised to be vigilant and to report any suspicious activities to the relevant authorities.