The Public Utilities Commission in 2016 in its continued drive to educate the public about the Commission’s work will be visiting Essequibo (Region Number 3) in June, 2016. As part of its attempts to lift the profile of the PUC, apart from our annual appearances on radio and television, advertisements and infomercials on television in Bartica, Essequibo and Berbice, the Commission has over the years been engaged in consumer awareness and schools education programmes and outreaches. This has served to bring to the Commission’s attention issues that affect consumers as it relates to the electricity, telecommunications, water and sewerage sectors. In this year 2016 the Commission has visited Numbers 51 and 19 Villages, Manchester, and Rosehall in Berbice, Stabroek Market, Guyoil Gas Station, Sheriff Street, the Ethnic Relations Commission and the Queenstown Secondary School., Georgetown. In May the Commission had a successful awareness programme at the Giftland Mall and through the courtesies extended by the Management of the Mall, staff were able to make use of a booth and interact with patrons and staff at the various outlets in the Mall. This was well received by the public.

The Commission’s outreach for June will be on the Essequibo Coast from June 9 to the 11th where the team will visit Parika, Supernam , Suddie, Anna Regina and Charity. The Staff plans
to meet with students at the Anna Regina Multilateral Secondary , the Cotton Field Secondary and, Charity Secondary Schools, and members of the Anna Regina Town Council, the Chamber of Commerce, the Charity Neighbourhood Democratic Council, with visits also to the Anna  Regina Market and a number of business places. The Commission will also appear on the popular Ravi D programme on RCA Channel 8.


The Commission continues in its public awareness drive in the hope of making Guyanese aware of the work of the Commission and also to receive feedbacks on areas that are of concern to consumers so that we may better regulate utilities for efficient services.