Functions of the Post


Reporting directly to the Chairperson, the incumbent shall provide such services at the standard reflective of that Office and is responsible for:


  1. Providing effective support for Meetings of the Chairperson and the Commission;
  2. Providing effective protocol support to the Office of the Chairperson;

iii. Providing public relations support to the Commission;

  1. Coordination of and reporting on the Work Programme for the Chairperson and Commission;
  2. Effective Administrative Oversight within the Office of the Chairperson.



Qualification and Experience


Candidates should possess a Bachelors’ Degree in one of the following disciplines: International Relations, Social Science, Business Management/Administration, Communications, Human Resource Management, along with a minimum of five (5) years of relevant and equivalent level experience working in one of the following institutions:


  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs or other Ministry
  • Vice-Chancellor’s / DVC’s or similar Office of a University
  • Regional or National Institution
  • Private sector /NGO
  • Regional, hemispheric or international intergovernmental organisation




In addition, candidates should possess training and good working knowledge in:


□ Protocol Services


Strong competence in using Microsoft Office Suite is required.




  1. a) ASSIST the Chairperson to prepare for and service meetings of the Commission and other related Meetings;
  2. b) UNDERTAKE necessary research and Prepare Powerpoint presentations to allow for considered review of papers submitted to the Commission, Ministers and other principals;
  3. c) INTERACT with Staff of all sections / areas to enable the development of Dossiers, Briefing Documents etc.;
  4. d) UNDERTAKE preliminary review of reports emanating from or submitted to the Commission;
  5. e) FOLLOW-UP on decisions taken at meetings;
  6. f) MONITOR and PROVIDE advice to assist in the effective functioning of the PUC and Commissioners
  7. g) REVIEW and EDIT all correspondence and reports emanating from PUC as required by the Chairman;


  1. h) DRAFT responses to messages and selected correspondence received by the Chairman including requests for meetings visits with/by the Chairperson, Secretary and /or Commissioners;
  2. i) ENSURE briefing documents are prepared to support visits/missions/meetings by the Chairperson and/or Secretary to the Commission or Commissioners;
  3. j) UNDERSTAND and DELIVER appropriate protocol services for meetings/ official events/workshops
  4. k) SUPERVISE preparation for official engagements hosted by the Commission; and
  5. l) COORDINATE the Work Programme for all Units/Section in the Commission;
  6. m) PREPARE the draft Work programme for the Office of the Chairperson
  7. o) PREPARE the Draft Budget for the Office of the Chairperson.


  1. p) ASSIST with the administration/logistics/organisational aspects of the meetings that fall to the responsibility of the Chairperson and the PUC;
  2. t) Manage the travel arrangements for the Chairperson ( local and overseas);
  3. u) TRACK leave, absence and other HR metrics as required;
  4. v) WORK with the Secretary to the Commission and Administrative secretary to ensure appropriate administrative support is available at all times within the Office of the Chairperson;
  5. w) CONTRIBUTE to a positive and professional image of the office of the Chairperson and the PUC at all times in keeping with the Core Values; and

In addition to the Activities outlined above, the incumbent may be expected to perform other related duties as assigned.



Applications in English Language with full curriculum vitae details, including nationality, date of birth, work experience, educational qualifications, summary of professional skills and/or expertise, language proficiency, list of professional publications, coordinates (including email addresses) of three referees (at least two of whom must be familiar with the applicant’s work), and other relevant information, should be addressed to:


The Chairperson                     Or:                   The Secretary

Public Utilities Commission                            Public Utilities Commission

106 New Garden Street                                  106 New Garden Street

Queenstown                                                   Queenstown

Georgetown                                                    Georgetown

P.O. Box 1081                                                 P.O. Box 1081


Or to or or : subject line ‘Executive Assistant -PUC’

Deadline:  February 14, 2020.

Only shortlisted applicants will be acknowledged

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